Monday, May 31, 2010

Fantasy here and now

It's that time, Fantasy will have a new book out in July and the excitement is starting to build.  Speaking of "build" it looks as though we will again have some sort of build up campaign.  I am very excited about this.  This is not a random roll like the 40k build up was and I already have an army itching to play!  Its dark elf time!  Funny enough the reason this blog started was because I wanted to write short stories for my Dark Elves and their mighty Prince Rayle. The start of which can be found here...  Granted there was only 3 stories but now that fantasy will be back in the forefront I can get re motivated to write more stories... we'll see.

It is that time again, I have tons of Dark Elves that are going to play in the near future and not to mention this itch to paint is crazy cool.  So sure enough I have indeed started painting.  I do need a bit, if not a huge head start  to keep in the same state as some of these guy's and their painting prowess, looking at you Gauthic and Brent!

If you read any of the stories you know that there is 2 mainstays in my Dark Elf army, 1 Prince Rayle and 2 the black guard.  So those are the first 2 things I started painting... and here they are...

Thats my start, 3 out of 15 and 1 Prince.  At least its a start!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Ork Kit Bash War!

Ok, not really a war, actually I was really impressed with your kit bash Big Mek Saj.  Looked very good, and yes, the proportions on it were very Orky, the wiring looked good too, nice touch.  So anyway, I wanted a Big Mek as well and figured I would at least give it a shot.

The idea was I wanted a generator looking pack, so added the smoke pipe, but needed to have something that would produce a force field, so added the circular electronic looking thing on top, and to finish it off he needed a tool to work on things, so I gave him a welding type tool.

2 quick things, after looking at multiple other blogs, I can see that my pics look at little blue, so Ill work on that, although I think the last of these pic's look a bit blue.  I did start painting him, took my time to paint the skin tone and the blending, figured an HQ that I created should have some effort put into the painting and attempt to take better pics, anyway here they are...

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Coke or Pepsi

So my son comes home yesterday very proud of himself cause he got a new book at the bookfare.  So of course I ask what book, he responds with Coke or Pepsi.  Being the smartalic that I am I say Coke.  He says cool, then starts a never ending river of questions.  Its one of those would you rather books and he loves em!

Which is somewhat got me thinking, what Im getting at is, what would a 40k or warhammer Coke or Pepsi book sound like...

Would you rather be in a room full of magic players or rabid one eyed dogs?

Would you rather get slow played or drink hot motor oil?

Would you rather have 1000points of painted army or 2k of primered army?

Would you rather have painting skills or tactical skills? (I know I know, you all have both...)

Would you rather watch a chic flick with the significant other or gouge your eyes out with cow prodders?

Would you rather hang with your mother-in-law or work all day saturday?

I am sure there is tons and tons more of these type questions you could come up with, and if ya like leave em here so we can all get a laugh (all 3 of us!).  Id figure more out, and I may just do that, but at this time its early and I have to get ready for work on a saturday... my mother-in-law is due in today...


Thursday, May 6, 2010

Last of the Tyranid pics

Here is the continuation of the tyarnid mods and swords and whatever else...

This was my conversion WIP Tervigon

2x Twin Linked Devo's

Homemade Bone Swords

Extended Carapace, when it mattered~

4 of em

Thanks for looking!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Modeled Tyranid Weaponry

No, my earlier post was not intended as a build up, I would hate to build up that type of anticipation only to disappoint!  But really, this is some of my early modeling of tyranid wep's.  Most of this is 2x twin linked devo's, when dakka fex's were the bomb diggidy and a dakka flyrant would put a hurt on ya with shooting, but I hated how small and timid the devourer's looked so I changed em,  without further ado~

More conversions to come...

Suppa fast!

This is a suppa fast post, its kinda a filler, I will be posting pics of Tyranid weaponry that I have modeled later today when I get home from work, just no time at the moment.  But I have not forgotten!  I will post today!


Monday, May 3, 2010

What the white and fluffy?!?!

Talk about some wierd what the?!?!  I started this new hobby, no worries, not one to replace 40k or any crazy talk, but something to do with the family thats cheap and entertaining, welcome Geocaching!

With the advent of all these smart phones with all their features, many new things that were out of reach all of a sudden are a click away, like GPS on your phone, which you can use for Geocaching.  Back to the topic at hand, the reason I started this post, me and the fam were looking for our first cache and low and behold what do we find?!  No, it wasnt the cache, we couldnt find that, but thats a different story, we spot a freaking albino squirrel!!  No for real, check it out, pic's of proof!! ITS REAL!!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Casual Players UNITE!

What, no posts in like 2 years, now 2 posts in a day, something has definitely gone askew in the universe!

Again, over at Strictly Average a post about bully's, sportsmanship (found here.. and 2 examples of each brought up a question I had for myself, seeing how I am the casual player... Should casual players play in competitive tournaments?  I say yes, but then again I believe in an atmosphere of competitive camaraderie, whereas allot of the people it seems only want to play the meta lists, the so called power gamers of miniature gaming.  And while many will clearly state, if its in the rules or codex's its legal.  Of course it is, and I for one am NOT calling cheese, ill play against any list fully accepting the fact that I have a good chance of losing. 

I don't play nearly enough to encounter the different situations that many of us find ourselves in both in and out of games play.  Those that play lots obviously have a much greater chance of being in a situation, dealing with it good or bad but learning what to do next time.  Plus you throw on top of that the player that plays more or has been playing longer, probably... again probably knows the rules inside and out better, not to mention a greater overall knowledge base of the other codices.  My response to Brent's post was this...

"Valid points all around, and yes I believe you are your own best advocate for righting the wrongs brought down upon you but... its also easy to fall victim to bullying if your not as versed in the 40k rules universe. I know I know, the answer is know the rules better but there are casual players that are quite sound in tactics and list building that may not know the rules as thourghly as many of the vets. So while yes I believe you should stand up for yourself, if you dont know better what are you supposed to do? Or is the trounament scene just not meant for casual players?"

Which brings me back to my original question... should casual players be playing in tournaments?  I say yes, even if we get our collective butts handed to us, its a slow building up process.  If you play long enough, even if not all the time, you will run into lots and lots of learning situations that will hopefully teach you and help you in the long run.


Talk about a long break...

Ok, I am back, and even tho there is really either very few, and I mean myself and maybe the wife once in a while no followers I need to post to get in the habit.  I wont lie, Brent over at Strictly Average and Jeff at Rule Of Gauth has me kinda inspired to get my blog off the ground and keep it going this time, plus with all the media out there its hard to find an excuse not to.

This is just a quick blurb about nothing really, but in the near future I will start showing a few different things.  Ill be updateing my personal build up of 2k orks, building them, converting them and painting them.  Ill be showing some of my old conversions good bad and the ugly.  And finally some randomness from other blogs etc...