Friday, July 30, 2010

Spearmen and a bag of chips!

So if I wanted to make my spearmen even better what would I need to do?  I could get a full command, ok but that doesnt equal a bag of chips, especially the potato skins, bacon and chedder, but if I did want to better my spearmen... wait I have it, an assassin!

As a quick side note that has nothing to do with Fantasy, we recently had a student come through and he would pronounce words... not necessarily correct, but his best miscue had to be when he would pronounce assembly as ... ass - embly.  We let it go on for way to long but it was to funny to stop it.

Back to the task at hand.  My idea for my assassins is to paint them so that they blend with whatever unit they are assigned to.  Not sure if its me or if its the quick side note but it seems there are lots of words with ass- as the first portion of the word.  Right right, so as the title states how to improve spearmen, I painted up my assassin to blend with them... tell me what you think.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Price Check on Spearmen plz!

So here it is, our build up is about to start, we officially have our match up's for the month of August.  My two match up's are Brent from Strictly Average (beastmen) and Evil Homer and his Demons.  What better way to run my Dark Elf army, or any army from what I understand, then to run with Spears.  I got spears for yo face!  No really though, I have 19 spear-men as one block and... I have most of em painted, uhh the reason there not all painted is NOT because Im lazy, although that seems to be the answer often enough, but the real reason is because I thought I would only run them with 15... then realized I better run them in a 20 man block, but that was after the fact.  Ok, so this post really isnt about who I am playing but that I have models painted, so lets get to it...

Oh, by the way, it figures that after I take pictures and load them up that a post on MM(esno) that he would put up a post about how he takes "better" pictures, ok he didn't say his pics were better but I have hate in my jealousy...  but you know ill check out the post after I get done with this!

Thanks tho for real...MM(esno) helped me figure out how to shade/blend much better than what I was doing.
*note the skirt waves*

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Time for change

Well, its that time.  I have been snooping around other blogs and with the addition of the new template design feature I figured I should update my blog, plus I was getting jealous!  Change is good though, it keeps things both current and fresh.  I will have some up coming pictures of Dark Elf Spearmen, got 15 done, and then realized I was going to run them in a group of 20, so there is 5 unpainted.

Also while lurking around I saw that Gauthic got his hands on a light box, I been meaning to do it for awhile now, guess I should just go to MM(esno) and find out how he does them.  Anything to help the pictures the better... well unless your not a good painter, hmmm maybe I should stick to the dark and hard to see pic's, oh well gotta learn some how.  Wonder if MM(esno) does requests for tutorials... ill have to find out.

We are still doing the Fantasy build up and I have a 1249 list, it looks like this... comments and feedback are welcome.

Quick aside, finally got the wifey to agree to the 75$ Fantasy Rule book, so I run up to my FLGS and to my surprise... all are gone.  Hope I didn't miss a window of opportunity, but they should get more in soon, hope my luck holds.

135 - Sorceress lvl 2
142 - 19x Spearmen, Full Command
100 - 10 Crossbowmen
100 - 10 Crossbowmen
280 - 15 Black Guard, Full Command, Crimson Death, Banner of Murder
176 - 12 Executioners, Full Command
143 - Assassin, Rune of Khaine, Manbane, extra hand wep
175 - Hydra

Should equal out to 1249, what do you think?

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Fantasy 8th edition hype

So with the release of the 8th edition Warhammer Fantasy rule book the FLGS is all a buzz.  Our shop which is predominantly a 40k group dabbeling in Fantasy seems to have enough interest in the Fnatasy side of things that it might stick around this time, for awile.

If Fantasy if going to stick around then painting needs to get a move on.  As already stated in other posts here on the site, I am not known for speed painting, well painting in any regards really but at a minimum I am at least trying to get some paint on models so as not to field another primer army!  Believe it or not I have been working on a few units in my Dark Elf Army aka The House of Ados's army.

Some of my favorite units in the game are the Cold One Knights, or in the case of Ados, my Marrow Knights.  Both a hard hitting and somewhat resilient unit made it hard not to include them in my 1250 army list, plus the models are some of my favorites, but as with all things, reading is only so fun before we want to see pics!!