Monday, May 3, 2010

What the white and fluffy?!?!

Talk about some wierd what the?!?!  I started this new hobby, no worries, not one to replace 40k or any crazy talk, but something to do with the family thats cheap and entertaining, welcome Geocaching!

With the advent of all these smart phones with all their features, many new things that were out of reach all of a sudden are a click away, like GPS on your phone, which you can use for Geocaching.  Back to the topic at hand, the reason I started this post, me and the fam were looking for our first cache and low and behold what do we find?!  No, it wasnt the cache, we couldnt find that, but thats a different story, we spot a freaking albino squirrel!!  No for real, check it out, pic's of proof!! ITS REAL!!

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