Sunday, May 9, 2010

Ork Kit Bash War!

Ok, not really a war, actually I was really impressed with your kit bash Big Mek Saj.  Looked very good, and yes, the proportions on it were very Orky, the wiring looked good too, nice touch.  So anyway, I wanted a Big Mek as well and figured I would at least give it a shot.

The idea was I wanted a generator looking pack, so added the smoke pipe, but needed to have something that would produce a force field, so added the circular electronic looking thing on top, and to finish it off he needed a tool to work on things, so I gave him a welding type tool.

2 quick things, after looking at multiple other blogs, I can see that my pics look at little blue, so Ill work on that, although I think the last of these pic's look a bit blue.  I did start painting him, took my time to paint the skin tone and the blending, figured an HQ that I created should have some effort put into the painting and attempt to take better pics, anyway here they are...


  1. Looking good man, it's fun going through the pics and seeing how you used different bits (even a little Eldar?).
    I think the pack and emitter came out really good, and more than anything else, I don't think anybody is going to have a problem identifying what this model is. When I look around on the net, there are way too many Orky conversions that don't look like can't tell what it is. Sure, Orks can be over the top, but even they have a line that can be crossed.

    Oh, those pics look a lot better, funny how the light/camera flash change things up.

  2. Also, the skin looks great, be sure to post him when you've painted further

  3. I agree - that does look sharp.

    Good model.