Monday, May 31, 2010

Fantasy here and now

It's that time, Fantasy will have a new book out in July and the excitement is starting to build.  Speaking of "build" it looks as though we will again have some sort of build up campaign.  I am very excited about this.  This is not a random roll like the 40k build up was and I already have an army itching to play!  Its dark elf time!  Funny enough the reason this blog started was because I wanted to write short stories for my Dark Elves and their mighty Prince Rayle. The start of which can be found here...  Granted there was only 3 stories but now that fantasy will be back in the forefront I can get re motivated to write more stories... we'll see.

It is that time again, I have tons of Dark Elves that are going to play in the near future and not to mention this itch to paint is crazy cool.  So sure enough I have indeed started painting.  I do need a bit, if not a huge head start  to keep in the same state as some of these guy's and their painting prowess, looking at you Gauthic and Brent!

If you read any of the stories you know that there is 2 mainstays in my Dark Elf army, 1 Prince Rayle and 2 the black guard.  So those are the first 2 things I started painting... and here they are...

Thats my start, 3 out of 15 and 1 Prince.  At least its a start!

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  1. Nice looking dark elves Mofreaka. I'm looking forward to fantasy as well...think I'll be dusting off an ancient and seldom used force of Nurgle.