Tuesday, November 17, 2009

High Elf Avengers What?!

So its been a few days and its time for another update on my army.  My 1000 point list has 2 sets of 5 Dire Avengers and as with anything I do I like to convert, if even small conversions.  My army at this time has a high elf feel to it with the White Lion'esk Farseer and Warlocks so wouldnt it be fitting to have Dire Avengers converted to fit the theme also?  Well no worries, thats exactly what I did, not sure on a name for them yet but ill get one, eventually, but here is the pics, got 5 done and as a bonus 3 of em are painted!!

From the back

From the front

the 3 that are painted

The idea is to have at least 5 done and painted by this Friday, we'll see!

More updates as I get em, or make em, convert em, whateva!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Inspired and put to work

So after seeing the work being put out by Gauthic and his Dark Eldar I was inspired to get a theme and work my own Eldar, the non dark kind. As was last stated I was thinking about Storm Lions which I still like, but I think as an overall name im going with something along the lines of Tempest Knights, then breaking down the groups such as Storm Lions for my council... yea thats right your reading it right I spelled council correctly... finally. Speaking of my council, transition, my current list has it as a small Farseer and 3 warlock foot crew in a Falcon, with Singing Spears as weps, well, my take on a 2 handed psychically charged throwing wep that wounds on 2's. Without further ado..

Warlock #1

Warlock #2

Warlock #3

Farseer with Axe

I took another 8 pic's or so of other angles of these guys where it shows that each is also sporting a Lion's Cloak, I really am digging how they turned out, Im trying to give my army a high elf feel to em, finally an army with some sort of theme!  The idea is that through some geneallogy the leader of the splinter off of Ulthwe found ties that date back thousands of year all the way back to a great high elf warrior that was in charge in some form or another of a squad of White Lions, thus prompting this faction of Eldar to go Exodite, more fluff with a more in depth story line at a later date, anywho, work calls!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Yes, got my first couple games in!

Ok ok, so I havent actually got any pic's up of any modeling Ive done but, I did get a couple games in with my 1000pts of Eldar, wanna hear about it? Well you dont get to decide, im gonna talk about it anyway. First lemme mention I am going with a Jetbike councel and baseing the army around that. So I had the councel of 4 locks and a Farseer, 2 Wave Serpents, 1 with Harlies and 1 with 5 Dire Avengers (basicly a scoring taxi). Oh yea and pathfinder's.

So I roll into my local game store with a plan and a 1000pt army list just itching to get my first game in. Good news for me one of the Vets (Lewis) had 1000pts of Templar that he was willing to own me, I mean play me. So he was rolling with 2 rhino's, a Landraider full of termi's with claw's and the emperor's champ waiting to get his hands on some little pointed men. He also had 2 melta bikes for good measure. The game starts and I am up beat, one of my serpents takes out his gun on the raider and the councel moves up to engage! He takes a few shots, makes the 1 serpent sit down, DOWN FIDO! Not the end of the world, my turn I run my councel into the rhino and both his melta bikes, yay I blew up the rhino and didnt kill either bike... let me get the lube touch my toes and brace myself as the termies with furious charge and the Emp Champ licks their lips in anticipation of the coming charge... Sure enough, they charge head long in and to my surprise I only lost 1, maybe 2, pretty sure it was 2 and 1 of em was the enhance, there goes my strike at ini 5 blah. But but but... now its time to get the harlies over and help out this scrum. Oh wait thats right, Lewis manuvered his rhino, used the hatch and melta'd my other serpent, killing 2 harlies and haveing them evacute prematurly. My turn, CHARGE THE RHINO!! Guess what... nada, not a thing, and for my miss miss miss he replied by unloading his marines and rapid fireing my harlies, yay dead clowns lol. It goes from bad to worse, the councel dies cept the farseer, but he's running scared, the termies and champ begin to own the pathfinders, yea, I lost but learned some things fo sho. Like harlies are good but maybe not in the back of a serpent, I learned the councel is very resiliant but against termies and 2 bikes its still gonna lose. Anyway, good time, I got owned but will update game 2 later... needless to say it made this game seem close... Ghosting~

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Its been to long

Well here's the dilly, this blog originally started off as a safe home for me to write short battle reports based on my Warhammer Dark Elves. Needless to say, the WHFB at my local gameing store lasted about as long as the 3 battle reports I did. For some reason my local gaming store has ADHD, I dont know how its possible or contagous for that matter but it sure is. I guess it wouldnt be right if I didnt mention that ALSO in between halting WHFB, SQUIRREL!! and our current project, which Ill get to in a hot minute, was the 1850 tourney we had in June/July time frame. Its been that long and Im trying to piece the puzzel together and trust me I have the memory of a four year old so its not easy. Yes I did place in the tourney... what 7th or 8th is a place. It was fun, I learned alot and am excited to get into another tourney.

As if this catch up post couldnt be more disjointed Ill kindly move on to the game shops next endevour which was a really cool game called Malafaux by WYRD. Holy shiznizzle our shop was uber excited to get into this scirmish game. Very cool concept, sweet miniatures, this game rocked. There was a slight hold up on recieving the models and playing cards in the begining due to the high demand from both the distributors and from WYRD itself, just show's how this game exploded onto the scene. But still, the game concept revolves around information cards about each individual model and instead of rolling dice you used playing cards, yes, like playing cards for poker. Matter of fact there were direct conversions so you could use playing cards until you could get your own set of Malafaux cards. I was personally very excited about this game becuase, well lets just say Im not what you would call a strong painter, and the idea of painting individual models is much more appealing then painting squads of models. I even got a few of them painted, which ill post a touch later, then you'll never guess what happened, SQUIRREL!!!

Yea, thats right the ADHD fairy struck again with a new idea, speaking of, the idea came from Shannon and Lewis and I actually have to admit it really is a cool idea, that since a couple of the vet's that play 40k couldnt seem to either A:make up their mind which army to play (Shannon) or B:pick an army and stick with it (Brent) the idea would be to disclude up to 2 armies out of 40k, roll the dice and see what army you are going to play. That being said, all the armies of 40k were reresented by being numbered so that when you rolled the dice you would find out what army you were going to play. Shannon rolled up IG and Brent rolled up Deamons, oh and I got really lucky and some how rolled Eldar, great news for me as I was collecting that army anyway, just never played em. Well its closing in on time to goto work so Ill continue my rambeling later and finish getting caught up, posting some older pics on some of my Tyranid, Malafaux and my current project Eldar, cant decide on a name yet, was thinking Storm Lions for my armies name, either way I think Ill continue to use this blog, if for no other reason to stay in touch with Gauths and Strictly Average's blog.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

THE LUMBER JACK COMETH --- 3rd Story ---

As Prince Rayle sat upon the stern of the floating Reaver he grinned ever so slightly as he saw the first glimpse of his prey. The poor poor wood elves and tree folk, or bark eater's as they were commonly called by member's of the House of Ados were milling about the shore line, fresh off what looked like a long pillage across the sea. Little did they know that the Prince is coming, the Prince is going to draw first blood. To the wood elves, it seemed a storm was moving fast to their east off the sea, harsh waves crashing, lightening streaking the sky and thunder booming, this was not a natural storm, it was something... different. Then in what seemed slow motion the dark ominous clouds started to part. Out of the darkness a floating Reaver appeared. The wood folk confused by the sudden sight of their hated cousins stirred chaos and uncertainty. As the Reaver crashed into the shore line the front opened and dark elves began to pour out.

The dark elves of the House of Ados were adept fighters and masters of their trade, quickly and efficiently formed into their battle lines. The most prominent procession to exit the reaver was the Grail Guard of Lord Nadan led by Prince Rayle himself. Prince Rayle and the Grail Guard marched to the front of the battle lines with his Dark Riders covering both his right and left flanks. As the Dark Riders were covering the flanks the regiment of the Cold One Knights quickly advanced beside the Grail Guard and the Prince. As the forces of Ados crossed the shoreline to advance into the treekin and wood elves a small regiment of almost ghost like wood elves rained a volley of arrows upon the corsairs that were not moving as fast as the rest of the Ados advancement. The corsairs deftly twisted and turned using their magical sea dragon cloaks to help deflect the incoming arrows, alas not all the corsairs twisted as deftly as others and three were lost to arrows to the head. As quickly as the corsairs twisted and turned to deflect the arrows they also in a motion following the deflection raised their own hand bows unleashing an equally dark rain of arrows in the direction of the ghost like wood elves. Not knowing what damage the corsairs had done to the wood elf ghosties they turned their attention back to the oncoming forest of Treekin rapidly approaching the corsairs flank. The lead corsair once again ordering his troops to raise their hand bows. Without flinching he gave the order to stand their ground and open fire. This time though, the treekin bark prooved more resiliant to the small arms fire of the corsairs hand bow, the treekin losing only 1 of their kin to a hand bolt to the eye. As the treekin smashed into the ranks of the corsairs another rather elegant woodelf on a horse simultaneously smashed into the flank of the corsairs causing mass casualties to the regiment and killing the champion, resulting in a break of rank and a mad dash back to the massive Reaver.

On the other side of the shoreline the Prince and Grail Guard beside the regiment of Cold One's quickly marched up field. As the dark riders covered the flanks of their prince they noticed more treekin blending into the treeline that skirted the shore. As the dark riders on the east side of the shore began to reach a full gallop they were pelted with arrow shots from another treeline, reducing the unit size by half. The Prince and the Grail Guard would not falter and continued to press the battle line by recklessly advancing. Then in one swift move the treeline seemed to come alive and charge the Prince and the Grail Guard, at that exact moment another set of mysterious wood elves began to do a quick chant and exotic dance then they too charged the Grail Guard and Prince from the flank. With an explosion of bark and steel the Grail Guard whipped and whirled the massive crimson headed halberds as they had done to countless foes before. With a sudden realization of impending death the mystical dancing wood elves, what was left of them, broke the engagement and scattered back into the treeline, the treekin were not as fortunate and with a blood lust and zeal rarely seen the Prince and the Grail Guard reduced their foes into splinters. In the after math of this fight the Prince turned his gaze to the rest of the shoreline to find the Cold Ones being helped by the other unit of Dark Riders, overrunning the last of the treekin on the battle field. A bright start for the dark elf known as Prince Rayle.

Friday, April 10, 2009

ANTICIPATION --- 2nd Story

The time had come, all the planning all the organizing, waiting until it was his time, the time spent honeing his skills as a startigist and warrior, now was the time, the time for Prince Rayle to creat his own epic adventures, to earn his place in the city of Sojef. He had made a pact within the walls of his own war room that he alone would elevate the House of Ados to number one, no matter the cost, no matter who he had to sacrifice. The time had come, to pool his resources, to meld the Grail Guard of Lord Nadan with his own forces, it was time for Prince Rayle to hold in his grasp the one thing that would put him in the only place of power that would ever quench his thirst for total dominance, a dark elf holy grail as it were, the sword of Silent Screams.

As Prince Rayle sat in his war room he pondered what would be his best move, who should he unleash his fury and wrath on, who would be the Prince's first conquest. This war room like so many other dark elves of privilage and power, was a large stone room, filled with parchments of tactics, battle plans on shelves and even a flask of Ire, the Prince's elixir of battle. The massive marble table was placed at the center of the room ,inset with gems glowing the same bluish hugh that was found in the Pitch, right before fathers room, the Scourge. Eight finely detailed oak chairs with the backrest carved with the family crest, the crest, three circles connected to each other ending in a swirl, meaning, life - death - all eternity surrounded the head chair. The ninth chair, also finely detailed with the head of the back rest carved with the family crest but this chair was made of the blackest steel, the legs coming down to the floor being met by gargoyle's claws. Only to be outdone by the inset eye's at the end of each armrest, those eye's seemingly glowing an eerie red, staring, staring at the occupants at the table as if staring into each elf's soul, looking for ill intentions, searching. The head chair, the chair many has longed for, this chair belonged to Prince Rayle who sat defiantly, who sat awaiting the word of his scouting party. Once the determination could be made of the soft spot in the defenses of the inferior wood elves, a raiding party led by the Prince himself would set sail to start the asencion of Prince Rayle and the House of Ados.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Puzzle Pieces --- 1st Story

As Prince Rayle slowly crossed the massive room he was reminded of his place in the world. This room was enormous, solid pillars of black granite lined the walls with intricate engravings of past conquests of great nations, fallen kings, and epic sea battles. The floor set in the same slick black granite of the pillars was every bit as impressive in its enormity and the seemingly endless depths of black. With only the soft glow of bluish light set off by magically enchanted gems perfectly mounted between the pillars, this room, the room that seemed to suspend one in space was the final room before entering his room. This room, with all its grandeur and legendary craftsmanship was lost, lost to introspection, lost to deep thought, lost because many elves, leaders and warriors alike have lost their life entering the next room unprepared. As Prince Rayle closed on the last few steps before entering the threshold of the unknown, he was overcome with both excitement at the prospects of his plan and terror at the thoughts of his failure. With one final deep breath in, slow exhale out, with confidence and a sense of purpose Prince Rayle stepped boldly into the room known as The Scourge.

As I stood at attention waiting to be acknowledged by him I went over and over the plan in my head, working and reassuring myself that my plan was flawless, that it would bring glory and fortune to our family. As Lord Nadan sat in his throne, it was hard not to admire his accomplishments. The accomplishment that lost his eye was nothing short of legendary in and of itself. Not only had Lord Nadan single handedly defeated his arch nemesis Dwarf Lord Gravline in an epic battle of strength, fortitude and force of will, but had thrown the entire country of Warshoreshire into chaos. The only reason to put myself in this position was the dire need of my fathers retinue. Lord Nadan had made his personal retinue the Grail Guard world infamous. The Grail Guard of the House of Ados are world renown warriors for their brutality and the unrelenting onslaught of their attack and a seemingly immunity to pain and refusal to retreat or back down. Never mistaken, the Grail Guard proudly, brazenly wields crimson headed halberds. The last needed piece to Prince Rayle’s puzzle. He needed the Grail Guard, they would be the cornerstone for his plan, the rock for which his own troops to mold themselves after, the elite vanguard they had become known for. Abruptly broken from his trail of thoughts Lord Nadan snapped at Prince Rayle "what business?" As was usual with the Lord, he was not one to mix words or practice in small talk. Using the small pause to steady himself Prince Rayle looked Lord Nadan in his good eye and stated clearly and with purpose "the Grail Guard are needed, I have a plan to bring the House of Ados great glory and wealth!" The white haired Lord seemed taken back just a bit, seemed to ponder for a second then leaned back in his throne. With one hand on his chin Lord Nadan smiled slightly then stated clearly, "bring me glory; for failure will bring your death, the Grail Guard is at your discretion." With that the Lord leaned forward getting back to what he had been doing. With a slow gracious bow Prince Rayle spoke with reverence, "I will not fail you father." With a quick turn and swirl of his cloak Prince Rayle was through the threshold and once again crossing the room of blackest granite without noticing the legendary craftsmanship, this time though, lost in thoughts of heroic adventures and the conquering of nations.