Wednesday, June 9, 2010


It's finally come time... time for what you ask? Were playing con again, not to worry we'll get to fantasy shortly im sure, and I actually have a con army, well at least 400 points or so to play with. If you hold onto your stuff long enough the circle of games gets back around to it, and that's where were at now at our FLGS and im siked about it!

Now the other cool thing I like alot about con is that its a skirmish game, so low model count which means that my itch to paint is made easier. I dont have to paint whole squads I can paint individual models which for me seems like a task more within reach of my skills at the present time.

Ill be playing Devourers of Vile Tis as my con army... my army looks a bit like this...

2x Slashers
Lord of Carnage
Master of Carnage
2x Marauders of Vile tis
1 Warrior of Vile tis

So I said its easier to paint skirmish or individual models... it sure is and ive got 3 of my wolfies painted... without further ado ~~


 My first attempt at free hand tat's

 My second attempt at free hand tat's...

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

AFTERMATH --- 4th story

***NOTE*** I have not taken any class's on writing, so what you see here is a hobby of mine, and I really dont mind feedback if my stories dont make sense or have flaw's, better to figure them out and fix them then to continue to write in ignorant bliss, or maybe it is good to write in bliss, either way, thanks for taking the time! ***NOTE***

As Prince Rayle crossed the threshold of the room known as the Scourge, the place where Lord Nadan resides, he revisited his recent encounter with the hated bark eaters. The whirling halberds, the crushing of wood elf flesh beneath the feet of the cold rider squad known as the Marrow Knights, brought a sly smile to the prince. He was very satisfied with his first campaign into the outer reaches of his father’s domain. So this time, this step into the room was with a confidence he didn’t have last time he spoke with his father. With a brisk step Prince Rayle stepped into his father’s den, stopped the appropriate 7 feet from his father’s throne and waited quietly to be acknowledged.

After what seemed an eternity Lord Nadan broke from his thought and peered at Prince Rayle with his good eye and oddly enough it seemed even the grey lifeless eye was staring. With a grimace Lord Nadan asked a simple question, “Were you successful?” That seemed an odd question knowing that the lord already knew we had won, why the question of success. Lord Nadan was not only an adept fighter but a stout tactician so this seemingly simple question was anything but. The prince somewhat twisted in his thought process as how to answer, in at least what seemed as confidence spoke a simple answer to a simple question, “yes my lord, we were victorious.” The grimace seemed to deepen into a scowl, now the prince was starting to get worried, this mental joust was draining, but the prince was not one to back down. “Sire, you have question of our conquest?” In what seemed a flash and blur the Lord was less than a foot from the prince, striking squarely into the lower portion of the jaw, immediately dropping the prince to the ground. As Lord Nadan looked down upon his prince, his son, he reminded him the order of things, “young foolish son, young arrogant prince, you do not ask questions of me, you answer when you are asked a question.” As the blood trickled from the prince’s lip Lord Nadan turned and nodded at the Tower Guard in the corner to his right, then lord Nadan disappeared into the back of his room.

Tower Guard Rend was a well known and respected leader of one of Lord Nadan’s Grail Guard regiments. Prince Rayle knew Rend from back when they trained together in the Onyx Temple, the known training grounds, barracks and meeting place of the Grail Guard. Also serving together for 100 of the 200 year commitment to Malekith brought the two face to face with death and a brotherhood of commitment that bring 2 dark elves as close to friends as this dark race allows. So great were both the Princes and Rend’s deeds of brutality, cunning and commitment that Rend was rewarded with the rank of Tower Master and Prince Rayle was rewarded one of the highest accolades that can be bestowed by the Witch King, the Prince returned to his father’s domain with a coveted black dragon egg.

Tower Guard Rend approached Prince Rayle and told him, “you must have done something to make him pleased with the outcome, he wants to reward you with additional regiments and an opportunity to lead in his name once more.” Prince Rayle stood up and the 2 of them made haste to review the newly acquired assets of the druchii strike force.