Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Modeled Tyranid Weaponry

No, my earlier post was not intended as a build up, I would hate to build up that type of anticipation only to disappoint!  But really, this is some of my early modeling of tyranid wep's.  Most of this is 2x twin linked devo's, when dakka fex's were the bomb diggidy and a dakka flyrant would put a hurt on ya with shooting, but I hated how small and timid the devourer's looked so I changed em,  without further ado~

More conversions to come...


  1. Looking good, are you painting under a fluorescent or daylight bulb?

  2. For the most part I paint under one of the reveal light bulbs... more info found here-->

    But the Tyranid wep's were the first of my modeling and painting, I still have a few more bug things to post up, then a few Eldar things I worked on, and my current project da Blak Teef Clan, custom bikes, bash kitted Big Mek, some other stuff that ill post in the not to far off future.

  3. Also the flash of the camera really kills the shading, the subtleness of it. Ill post a few pics without the flash in just the reveal lightbulb and there is a huge difference.