Saturday, May 8, 2010

Coke or Pepsi

So my son comes home yesterday very proud of himself cause he got a new book at the bookfare.  So of course I ask what book, he responds with Coke or Pepsi.  Being the smartalic that I am I say Coke.  He says cool, then starts a never ending river of questions.  Its one of those would you rather books and he loves em!

Which is somewhat got me thinking, what Im getting at is, what would a 40k or warhammer Coke or Pepsi book sound like...

Would you rather be in a room full of magic players or rabid one eyed dogs?

Would you rather get slow played or drink hot motor oil?

Would you rather have 1000points of painted army or 2k of primered army?

Would you rather have painting skills or tactical skills? (I know I know, you all have both...)

Would you rather watch a chic flick with the significant other or gouge your eyes out with cow prodders?

Would you rather hang with your mother-in-law or work all day saturday?

I am sure there is tons and tons more of these type questions you could come up with, and if ya like leave em here so we can all get a laugh (all 3 of us!).  Id figure more out, and I may just do that, but at this time its early and I have to get ready for work on a saturday... my mother-in-law is due in today...


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  1. "Would you rather hang with your mother-in-law or work all day saturday?"
    Working... the money can go towards flowers/chocolates/date for Significant Other and then some miniatures.