Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Feels like ADHD

You ever feel like you have a problem and your not quiet sure how to assess the situation.  Well if you've ever had that feeling than you know how I am feeling right now.  Trust me, this is not a feel sorry for me kinda deal it's just a lack of singular focus.  I really like Fantasy a lot, I finally have a competitive army in the Dark Elves and I like the models and the selection of HQ, troop, special and rare's, so I am pretty happy over all with the army.  My only issue is that I have been bumped to an off shift for work and I move in three months.

I know your wondering... and if not I'm going to tell you anyway, why the lack of focus... partially because of this move and off shift.  The guys at the LFGS play every Friday night, it's great, you can count on someone being there every Friday night, well now that I am on swings Fridays aren't as solid as they once were.  This is not a major deterrent as many of the guys will play during the week, just have to find a schedule to fit people in.  The move has at me too, where I am moving to they primarily play 40k so it's like I kinda want to knock the dust off so I don't go up there trying to get a ward save on my carnifex!

This brings me to the last point'ish if there is one, I really enjoy rambling apparently, at least that's what my wife tells me, I asked awhile back or stated rather what motivates you to paint?!  It could be anything from seeing someone else's painted up army, being inspired by new models, etc, well I have found a new reason to paint... the want to not be part of the same bio mass.

As I was perusing the blog'o'sphere I couldn't help but notice one of our local gamer peep's was painting a Tyranid army... lo and behold it's damn close to the same color scheme I have with my Tyranids, only it looks better!  Thanks to the fellas over at Hog's of War where they did a tutorial on how to paint Tyranids using just about 3 color s and a few washes people can easily paint good looking Tyranids in less time than it took me to paint mine, so of course what does any sane person do at that point??  Correct, I grab my Tyranids and start trying to find a different color scheme that still looks good and is different from the other guy's!!  I think I was successful, tell me what you think!

Welcome to Hive Fleet Tiamat?  Not 100% on the name yet...

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Killzone picks!

Ok, so last off I was rambling about my Sniper Lords and how they cant come out and play but... I still want to use my Eldar, mainly because I dont see anyone else using them, and why not right.  I have some bikes I was already converting.  Now that I dont play Eldar as a competitive army I have a use for the models!

I still need to do some dinking and putting together and adding some things but I think with some of my homework done I can now get modeling done as well.  Hopefully it wont be to long before I get a few updates on the jetbikes.  Also, I havent been able to find out what people are typically playing at for Killzone, so I put together a 250ish point list, I can always break it down if need be.

If anyone has any ideas on point levels for sure leave a comment and give me the heads up I would appreciate it.

Plus what are you all playing and if you have a link to your site showing off your Killzone team hit me with it, Id love to take a look! Time for me to head out, wish I had some pics... lets see what I got in here...

Family Reunion a few months back...

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Where's the band wagon?!? Time for Killzone

You ever come across something that really peaks your interest, you know that new games system that people are raving about, or the new version of the game your playing or the next big thing on the blogsphere only to find out that it was posted 2 months ago?  Or that it was from last year?  That is the world I live in.  It seems that every time I find something super cool or interesting Ive missed the boat, or "band wagon".  There's no blame, I am not making excuses and even if the band wagons left for wherever it goes Ill still try and jump on.

Here's the dilly, I was reading Strictly Average's blog and came across this thing called Killzone Blitz.  So I hunt and search for what it is because it seems as though its a small unit type skirmish game using 40k figures.  To me that means lots of room for conversion, the idea that you can play any army you want really because you only need a few models to invest in, plus if your a slow painter *points finger at myself* then it allows me to even get a crew painted and done!

Either way, after a little more research I came to find the originator... here is what I found... 

Strictly Stalking: On Blogging Part VII

So after reading the interview I was siked, there is rules, scenarios, you name it, it's been thought of... so of course I skip to the part for the FoC so to speak.  I kept see'ing orks and some more orks and Brents uber counts as Space Puppies so I was like, hmmm what do I have that I could use that I havent seen alot of...

Eldar!  With a quick skim I saw that you are allowed to have walkers with armor less than 33, sweet I have 2 heavily converted Wraith Lords, plus I had other idea's for a Killzone team with Eldar.  I did read a bit more and found that per the rules you cannot have a creature with toughness more than 5.  Needless to say, I was a touch bummed, but I still have ideas on my Eldar Killzone team and for S & G's I am going to post pics of my 2 Wraithlords, one is still in need of highlights the other is a wip still...  Ill have some sort of Eldar Killzone team pics later but for now, I leave you with the Sniper Lords!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Marrow Knights

I started a bit back as far as trying to have something different than every other DE army out there but really inspiration hasn't hit me as far as conversions go, not at least for the spearmen and crossbow men or any of the DE units for that fact...  I did find some really cool idea's for "counts as" crossbow men and spearmen but both of the "counts as" are from Privateer Press and not sure how that would float, plus at the cost it's not really economical at the present time.  And in the grand scheme of things I will be moving in the next 4 months and I am not 100% sure how the WHFB scene is up where I am moving.  So ill stick with what I got for now before I start dropping benjamins on a counts as army that may not get any play heh.

What I did find was a color scheme that I liked that was unique and not like all the other purple and black DE armies out there.  It was a few posts back, I had a spearmen with the bone armor, well now it's time to take a look at a Cold One Knight or Marrow Knight as there known in the House of Ados, take a look, tell me what you think, changes to be made etc, LATE!

Although I will say, I would prolly paint the cloth red on future Knights, not the black that's there now.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The eye's have it!!

So it's been a long time since my last post, I dont really have a good excuse, well at least one that is feasable for not posting in over a month and Ive actually got a decent amount of work done for my dark elves.  Here's the dilly, not a lot of work in comparison to some of the painting freaks at my FLGS but a lot for me.  But this post is going to be directed towards something more specific...

Ive been painting for about two years now and really only about 6 months that I have tried to become a better painter by looking at blending, highlighting, shading, different ways to paint weapons and armor etc, the point is this, when it comes to painting the eye's on the mini's Ive either failed miserably or just avoided it all together leaving giant flesh holes where eye's should be. But alas, this is not a post of defeat, this is a post of triumph, and maybe's its just me but I think the eye's on the two mini's im going to show you turned out freaking fantastic, the best eye's I have painted EVAH!!

Credit where credit is due, I have learned more about painting and basing with four conversations then I had with trial and error on my own for months and months.  Id like to thank The Master Manipulator(esno).  I have come leaps and bounds in my painting thanks to what he thought was probably just passing conversation, thanks brotha.

Here is a model prior to reading MMesno tutorial on eye's, then the next two models are using the method, if you struggle with eye's you should check it out, I have a link to his blog here on my site.  Oh and after the first model turned out with good eye's I immediately did a second mini to make sure it wasn't just a fluke, it wasn't, the method works!

Yes, these are also newly painted mini's from the War Hydra crew... which will be posted later with the War Hydra herself!