Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Yes, got my first couple games in!

Ok ok, so I havent actually got any pic's up of any modeling Ive done but, I did get a couple games in with my 1000pts of Eldar, wanna hear about it? Well you dont get to decide, im gonna talk about it anyway. First lemme mention I am going with a Jetbike councel and baseing the army around that. So I had the councel of 4 locks and a Farseer, 2 Wave Serpents, 1 with Harlies and 1 with 5 Dire Avengers (basicly a scoring taxi). Oh yea and pathfinder's.

So I roll into my local game store with a plan and a 1000pt army list just itching to get my first game in. Good news for me one of the Vets (Lewis) had 1000pts of Templar that he was willing to own me, I mean play me. So he was rolling with 2 rhino's, a Landraider full of termi's with claw's and the emperor's champ waiting to get his hands on some little pointed men. He also had 2 melta bikes for good measure. The game starts and I am up beat, one of my serpents takes out his gun on the raider and the councel moves up to engage! He takes a few shots, makes the 1 serpent sit down, DOWN FIDO! Not the end of the world, my turn I run my councel into the rhino and both his melta bikes, yay I blew up the rhino and didnt kill either bike... let me get the lube touch my toes and brace myself as the termies with furious charge and the Emp Champ licks their lips in anticipation of the coming charge... Sure enough, they charge head long in and to my surprise I only lost 1, maybe 2, pretty sure it was 2 and 1 of em was the enhance, there goes my strike at ini 5 blah. But but but... now its time to get the harlies over and help out this scrum. Oh wait thats right, Lewis manuvered his rhino, used the hatch and melta'd my other serpent, killing 2 harlies and haveing them evacute prematurly. My turn, CHARGE THE RHINO!! Guess what... nada, not a thing, and for my miss miss miss he replied by unloading his marines and rapid fireing my harlies, yay dead clowns lol. It goes from bad to worse, the councel dies cept the farseer, but he's running scared, the termies and champ begin to own the pathfinders, yea, I lost but learned some things fo sho. Like harlies are good but maybe not in the back of a serpent, I learned the councel is very resiliant but against termies and 2 bikes its still gonna lose. Anyway, good time, I got owned but will update game 2 later... needless to say it made this game seem close... Ghosting~

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