Sunday, April 5, 2009

Puzzle Pieces --- 1st Story

As Prince Rayle slowly crossed the massive room he was reminded of his place in the world. This room was enormous, solid pillars of black granite lined the walls with intricate engravings of past conquests of great nations, fallen kings, and epic sea battles. The floor set in the same slick black granite of the pillars was every bit as impressive in its enormity and the seemingly endless depths of black. With only the soft glow of bluish light set off by magically enchanted gems perfectly mounted between the pillars, this room, the room that seemed to suspend one in space was the final room before entering his room. This room, with all its grandeur and legendary craftsmanship was lost, lost to introspection, lost to deep thought, lost because many elves, leaders and warriors alike have lost their life entering the next room unprepared. As Prince Rayle closed on the last few steps before entering the threshold of the unknown, he was overcome with both excitement at the prospects of his plan and terror at the thoughts of his failure. With one final deep breath in, slow exhale out, with confidence and a sense of purpose Prince Rayle stepped boldly into the room known as The Scourge.

As I stood at attention waiting to be acknowledged by him I went over and over the plan in my head, working and reassuring myself that my plan was flawless, that it would bring glory and fortune to our family. As Lord Nadan sat in his throne, it was hard not to admire his accomplishments. The accomplishment that lost his eye was nothing short of legendary in and of itself. Not only had Lord Nadan single handedly defeated his arch nemesis Dwarf Lord Gravline in an epic battle of strength, fortitude and force of will, but had thrown the entire country of Warshoreshire into chaos. The only reason to put myself in this position was the dire need of my fathers retinue. Lord Nadan had made his personal retinue the Grail Guard world infamous. The Grail Guard of the House of Ados are world renown warriors for their brutality and the unrelenting onslaught of their attack and a seemingly immunity to pain and refusal to retreat or back down. Never mistaken, the Grail Guard proudly, brazenly wields crimson headed halberds. The last needed piece to Prince Rayle’s puzzle. He needed the Grail Guard, they would be the cornerstone for his plan, the rock for which his own troops to mold themselves after, the elite vanguard they had become known for. Abruptly broken from his trail of thoughts Lord Nadan snapped at Prince Rayle "what business?" As was usual with the Lord, he was not one to mix words or practice in small talk. Using the small pause to steady himself Prince Rayle looked Lord Nadan in his good eye and stated clearly and with purpose "the Grail Guard are needed, I have a plan to bring the House of Ados great glory and wealth!" The white haired Lord seemed taken back just a bit, seemed to ponder for a second then leaned back in his throne. With one hand on his chin Lord Nadan smiled slightly then stated clearly, "bring me glory; for failure will bring your death, the Grail Guard is at your discretion." With that the Lord leaned forward getting back to what he had been doing. With a slow gracious bow Prince Rayle spoke with reverence, "I will not fail you father." With a quick turn and swirl of his cloak Prince Rayle was through the threshold and once again crossing the room of blackest granite without noticing the legendary craftsmanship, this time though, lost in thoughts of heroic adventures and the conquering of nations.

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