Thursday, November 12, 2009

Inspired and put to work

So after seeing the work being put out by Gauthic and his Dark Eldar I was inspired to get a theme and work my own Eldar, the non dark kind. As was last stated I was thinking about Storm Lions which I still like, but I think as an overall name im going with something along the lines of Tempest Knights, then breaking down the groups such as Storm Lions for my council... yea thats right your reading it right I spelled council correctly... finally. Speaking of my council, transition, my current list has it as a small Farseer and 3 warlock foot crew in a Falcon, with Singing Spears as weps, well, my take on a 2 handed psychically charged throwing wep that wounds on 2's. Without further ado..

Warlock #1

Warlock #2

Warlock #3

Farseer with Axe

I took another 8 pic's or so of other angles of these guys where it shows that each is also sporting a Lion's Cloak, I really am digging how they turned out, Im trying to give my army a high elf feel to em, finally an army with some sort of theme!  The idea is that through some geneallogy the leader of the splinter off of Ulthwe found ties that date back thousands of year all the way back to a great high elf warrior that was in charge in some form or another of a squad of White Lions, thus prompting this faction of Eldar to go Exodite, more fluff with a more in depth story line at a later date, anywho, work calls!

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