Friday, April 10, 2009

ANTICIPATION --- 2nd Story

The time had come, all the planning all the organizing, waiting until it was his time, the time spent honeing his skills as a startigist and warrior, now was the time, the time for Prince Rayle to creat his own epic adventures, to earn his place in the city of Sojef. He had made a pact within the walls of his own war room that he alone would elevate the House of Ados to number one, no matter the cost, no matter who he had to sacrifice. The time had come, to pool his resources, to meld the Grail Guard of Lord Nadan with his own forces, it was time for Prince Rayle to hold in his grasp the one thing that would put him in the only place of power that would ever quench his thirst for total dominance, a dark elf holy grail as it were, the sword of Silent Screams.

As Prince Rayle sat in his war room he pondered what would be his best move, who should he unleash his fury and wrath on, who would be the Prince's first conquest. This war room like so many other dark elves of privilage and power, was a large stone room, filled with parchments of tactics, battle plans on shelves and even a flask of Ire, the Prince's elixir of battle. The massive marble table was placed at the center of the room ,inset with gems glowing the same bluish hugh that was found in the Pitch, right before fathers room, the Scourge. Eight finely detailed oak chairs with the backrest carved with the family crest, the crest, three circles connected to each other ending in a swirl, meaning, life - death - all eternity surrounded the head chair. The ninth chair, also finely detailed with the head of the back rest carved with the family crest but this chair was made of the blackest steel, the legs coming down to the floor being met by gargoyle's claws. Only to be outdone by the inset eye's at the end of each armrest, those eye's seemingly glowing an eerie red, staring, staring at the occupants at the table as if staring into each elf's soul, looking for ill intentions, searching. The head chair, the chair many has longed for, this chair belonged to Prince Rayle who sat defiantly, who sat awaiting the word of his scouting party. Once the determination could be made of the soft spot in the defenses of the inferior wood elves, a raiding party led by the Prince himself would set sail to start the asencion of Prince Rayle and the House of Ados.

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