Saturday, October 16, 2010

Where's the band wagon?!? Time for Killzone

You ever come across something that really peaks your interest, you know that new games system that people are raving about, or the new version of the game your playing or the next big thing on the blogsphere only to find out that it was posted 2 months ago?  Or that it was from last year?  That is the world I live in.  It seems that every time I find something super cool or interesting Ive missed the boat, or "band wagon".  There's no blame, I am not making excuses and even if the band wagons left for wherever it goes Ill still try and jump on.

Here's the dilly, I was reading Strictly Average's blog and came across this thing called Killzone Blitz.  So I hunt and search for what it is because it seems as though its a small unit type skirmish game using 40k figures.  To me that means lots of room for conversion, the idea that you can play any army you want really because you only need a few models to invest in, plus if your a slow painter *points finger at myself* then it allows me to even get a crew painted and done!

Either way, after a little more research I came to find the originator... here is what I found... 

Strictly Stalking: On Blogging Part VII

So after reading the interview I was siked, there is rules, scenarios, you name it, it's been thought of... so of course I skip to the part for the FoC so to speak.  I kept see'ing orks and some more orks and Brents uber counts as Space Puppies so I was like, hmmm what do I have that I could use that I havent seen alot of...

Eldar!  With a quick skim I saw that you are allowed to have walkers with armor less than 33, sweet I have 2 heavily converted Wraith Lords, plus I had other idea's for a Killzone team with Eldar.  I did read a bit more and found that per the rules you cannot have a creature with toughness more than 5.  Needless to say, I was a touch bummed, but I still have ideas on my Eldar Killzone team and for S & G's I am going to post pics of my 2 Wraithlords, one is still in need of highlights the other is a wip still...  Ill have some sort of Eldar Killzone team pics later but for now, I leave you with the Sniper Lords!

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  1. Those are great conversions, I really like your Sniper Lords. I've become very interested in Killzone as well and appreciate the opportunity to try out different types of models without committing to a full army. Good luck with your Eldar team, I hope you post more about them as you get further along.