Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Feels like ADHD

You ever feel like you have a problem and your not quiet sure how to assess the situation.  Well if you've ever had that feeling than you know how I am feeling right now.  Trust me, this is not a feel sorry for me kinda deal it's just a lack of singular focus.  I really like Fantasy a lot, I finally have a competitive army in the Dark Elves and I like the models and the selection of HQ, troop, special and rare's, so I am pretty happy over all with the army.  My only issue is that I have been bumped to an off shift for work and I move in three months.

I know your wondering... and if not I'm going to tell you anyway, why the lack of focus... partially because of this move and off shift.  The guys at the LFGS play every Friday night, it's great, you can count on someone being there every Friday night, well now that I am on swings Fridays aren't as solid as they once were.  This is not a major deterrent as many of the guys will play during the week, just have to find a schedule to fit people in.  The move has at me too, where I am moving to they primarily play 40k so it's like I kinda want to knock the dust off so I don't go up there trying to get a ward save on my carnifex!

This brings me to the last point'ish if there is one, I really enjoy rambling apparently, at least that's what my wife tells me, I asked awhile back or stated rather what motivates you to paint?!  It could be anything from seeing someone else's painted up army, being inspired by new models, etc, well I have found a new reason to paint... the want to not be part of the same bio mass.

As I was perusing the blog'o'sphere I couldn't help but notice one of our local gamer peep's was painting a Tyranid army... lo and behold it's damn close to the same color scheme I have with my Tyranids, only it looks better!  Thanks to the fellas over at Hog's of War where they did a tutorial on how to paint Tyranids using just about 3 color s and a few washes people can easily paint good looking Tyranids in less time than it took me to paint mine, so of course what does any sane person do at that point??  Correct, I grab my Tyranids and start trying to find a different color scheme that still looks good and is different from the other guy's!!  I think I was successful, tell me what you think!

Welcome to Hive Fleet Tiamat?  Not 100% on the name yet...

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