Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The eye's have it!!

So it's been a long time since my last post, I dont really have a good excuse, well at least one that is feasable for not posting in over a month and Ive actually got a decent amount of work done for my dark elves.  Here's the dilly, not a lot of work in comparison to some of the painting freaks at my FLGS but a lot for me.  But this post is going to be directed towards something more specific...

Ive been painting for about two years now and really only about 6 months that I have tried to become a better painter by looking at blending, highlighting, shading, different ways to paint weapons and armor etc, the point is this, when it comes to painting the eye's on the mini's Ive either failed miserably or just avoided it all together leaving giant flesh holes where eye's should be. But alas, this is not a post of defeat, this is a post of triumph, and maybe's its just me but I think the eye's on the two mini's im going to show you turned out freaking fantastic, the best eye's I have painted EVAH!!

Credit where credit is due, I have learned more about painting and basing with four conversations then I had with trial and error on my own for months and months.  Id like to thank The Master Manipulator(esno).  I have come leaps and bounds in my painting thanks to what he thought was probably just passing conversation, thanks brotha.

Here is a model prior to reading MMesno tutorial on eye's, then the next two models are using the method, if you struggle with eye's you should check it out, I have a link to his blog here on my site.  Oh and after the first model turned out with good eye's I immediately did a second mini to make sure it wasn't just a fluke, it wasn't, the method works!

Yes, these are also newly painted mini's from the War Hydra crew... which will be posted later with the War Hydra herself!


  1. One other thought. In the future, try to make them a bit smaller. They look good now, but they are a tad big.

  2. Agreed, they are a tad large, but going from flesh pockets or the dude from goonies this is a huge improvement and give's me a foundation to work from, thanks again!