Sunday, October 17, 2010

Killzone picks!

Ok, so last off I was rambling about my Sniper Lords and how they cant come out and play but... I still want to use my Eldar, mainly because I dont see anyone else using them, and why not right.  I have some bikes I was already converting.  Now that I dont play Eldar as a competitive army I have a use for the models!

I still need to do some dinking and putting together and adding some things but I think with some of my homework done I can now get modeling done as well.  Hopefully it wont be to long before I get a few updates on the jetbikes.  Also, I havent been able to find out what people are typically playing at for Killzone, so I put together a 250ish point list, I can always break it down if need be.

If anyone has any ideas on point levels for sure leave a comment and give me the heads up I would appreciate it.

Plus what are you all playing and if you have a link to your site showing off your Killzone team hit me with it, Id love to take a look! Time for me to head out, wish I had some pics... lets see what I got in here...

Family Reunion a few months back...

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