Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Marrow Knights

I started a bit back as far as trying to have something different than every other DE army out there but really inspiration hasn't hit me as far as conversions go, not at least for the spearmen and crossbow men or any of the DE units for that fact...  I did find some really cool idea's for "counts as" crossbow men and spearmen but both of the "counts as" are from Privateer Press and not sure how that would float, plus at the cost it's not really economical at the present time.  And in the grand scheme of things I will be moving in the next 4 months and I am not 100% sure how the WHFB scene is up where I am moving.  So ill stick with what I got for now before I start dropping benjamins on a counts as army that may not get any play heh.

What I did find was a color scheme that I liked that was unique and not like all the other purple and black DE armies out there.  It was a few posts back, I had a spearmen with the bone armor, well now it's time to take a look at a Cold One Knight or Marrow Knight as there known in the House of Ados, take a look, tell me what you think, changes to be made etc, LATE!

Although I will say, I would prolly paint the cloth red on future Knights, not the black that's there now.


  1. Wow I like those. A whole army like that would look amazing arrayed on the table.

  2. That is a very attractive color scheme. Care to share your process to get a bone look that actually looks decent?