Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Fantasy 8th edition hype

So with the release of the 8th edition Warhammer Fantasy rule book the FLGS is all a buzz.  Our shop which is predominantly a 40k group dabbeling in Fantasy seems to have enough interest in the Fnatasy side of things that it might stick around this time, for awile.

If Fantasy if going to stick around then painting needs to get a move on.  As already stated in other posts here on the site, I am not known for speed painting, well painting in any regards really but at a minimum I am at least trying to get some paint on models so as not to field another primer army!  Believe it or not I have been working on a few units in my Dark Elf Army aka The House of Ados's army.

Some of my favorite units in the game are the Cold One Knights, or in the case of Ados, my Marrow Knights.  Both a hard hitting and somewhat resilient unit made it hard not to include them in my 1250 army list, plus the models are some of my favorites, but as with all things, reading is only so fun before we want to see pics!!


  1. Wow, these look really good! My primed Orcs will be shamed!

  2. I agree with Herr, these are looking great. Very nice look to the skin...