Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Price Check on Spearmen plz!

So here it is, our build up is about to start, we officially have our match up's for the month of August.  My two match up's are Brent from Strictly Average (beastmen) and Evil Homer and his Demons.  What better way to run my Dark Elf army, or any army from what I understand, then to run with Spears.  I got spears for yo face!  No really though, I have 19 spear-men as one block and... I have most of em painted, uhh the reason there not all painted is NOT because Im lazy, although that seems to be the answer often enough, but the real reason is because I thought I would only run them with 15... then realized I better run them in a 20 man block, but that was after the fact.  Ok, so this post really isnt about who I am playing but that I have models painted, so lets get to it...

Oh, by the way, it figures that after I take pictures and load them up that a post on MM(esno) that he would put up a post about how he takes "better" pictures, ok he didn't say his pics were better but I have hate in my jealousy...  but you know ill check out the post after I get done with this!

Thanks tho for real...MM(esno) helped me figure out how to shade/blend much better than what I was doing.
*note the skirt waves*

Of course these are the lost 5... err last 5


  1. These guys are looking good, good choice of colors...not too much, not too little.
    It's also nice to see someone else using the super-advanced paper towel roll technology

  2. Well it is a very advanced technique, used solely by the experts of the paper roll... but the stakes have been raised and as it is, I am going to have to look at improving my skills... and a light box!

  3. If you guys look around there are various tutes out there on how to build one.

    My first one was not bad but it was a monstrosity. I made it out of PVC and some sheer material from Walmart.

  4. After checking your set up I then proceeded to find DIY light box's and found lots of different ways to do it, thanks for a little motivation to get it done, well at least to find out how to get it done.