Wednesday, June 9, 2010


It's finally come time... time for what you ask? Were playing con again, not to worry we'll get to fantasy shortly im sure, and I actually have a con army, well at least 400 points or so to play with. If you hold onto your stuff long enough the circle of games gets back around to it, and that's where were at now at our FLGS and im siked about it!

Now the other cool thing I like alot about con is that its a skirmish game, so low model count which means that my itch to paint is made easier. I dont have to paint whole squads I can paint individual models which for me seems like a task more within reach of my skills at the present time.

Ill be playing Devourers of Vile Tis as my con army... my army looks a bit like this...

2x Slashers
Lord of Carnage
Master of Carnage
2x Marauders of Vile tis
1 Warrior of Vile tis

So I said its easier to paint skirmish or individual models... it sure is and ive got 3 of my wolfies painted... without further ado ~~


 My first attempt at free hand tat's

 My second attempt at free hand tat's...

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