Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Time for change

Well, its that time.  I have been snooping around other blogs and with the addition of the new template design feature I figured I should update my blog, plus I was getting jealous!  Change is good though, it keeps things both current and fresh.  I will have some up coming pictures of Dark Elf Spearmen, got 15 done, and then realized I was going to run them in a group of 20, so there is 5 unpainted.

Also while lurking around I saw that Gauthic got his hands on a light box, I been meaning to do it for awhile now, guess I should just go to MM(esno) and find out how he does them.  Anything to help the pictures the better... well unless your not a good painter, hmmm maybe I should stick to the dark and hard to see pic's, oh well gotta learn some how.  Wonder if MM(esno) does requests for tutorials... ill have to find out.

We are still doing the Fantasy build up and I have a 1249 list, it looks like this... comments and feedback are welcome.

Quick aside, finally got the wifey to agree to the 75$ Fantasy Rule book, so I run up to my FLGS and to my surprise... all are gone.  Hope I didn't miss a window of opportunity, but they should get more in soon, hope my luck holds.

135 - Sorceress lvl 2
142 - 19x Spearmen, Full Command
100 - 10 Crossbowmen
100 - 10 Crossbowmen
280 - 15 Black Guard, Full Command, Crimson Death, Banner of Murder
176 - 12 Executioners, Full Command
143 - Assassin, Rune of Khaine, Manbane, extra hand wep
175 - Hydra

Should equal out to 1249, what do you think?


  1. The new layout looks good, and I'd say your painting is definitely "light-box worthy".

    I think the new starter set is up for pre-order in early August. Might be a good thing to wait for...would High Elves provide you with conversion bits?

  2. The light box was a one time deal thing I found on the net. I have a post coming up talking about my layout so keep an eye on my blog.

    The store is expecting some additional rulebooks this week.

    The problem with the new starter for conversions is that I believe they are almost all single pose or minimum parts models.