Sunday, August 8, 2010

Nice wheels bro...

Right, what does wheels have to do with Dark elves?!  Nothing at all.  Not to fear though, I am currently working on my executioners and believe it or not I think ill have the whole unit painted and based by the end of the week.  So I will get to my darkies soon but wanted to show you a complete unit, so what in the dark world of elves does wheels have to do with anything?

I tell you what though, and I hate to say this out loud but Brent mentioned possibly trading some of his dark elves for something and sure enough I was already in the midst of a self imposed question.  Here's the deal, I spent a lot and I mean a lot of time on my custom nob bikers for the Ork army I no longer have or plan on playing.  My dilemma, should I let the bikes sit in my closet collecting dust and keep my hard work or trade them to someone who has an Ork army and would enjoy them, use them, and paint them.  Either way, here are 3 of 6.  Ill post pics of the other 3 in a day or so, hope you enjoy!

Here is a nob with flamer and big choppa

Here is the next nob, just a regular nob with choppa

Last of the 3 is PK nob with banner and boss pole, and some gribbly flair!


  1. Great stuff man! Really nice work.

  2. I actually looked at the pics before I read the article; if you're considering a trade I would give these a nice home. I've pretty much already made the decision to do Orks as next year's competitive list.

    btw, since you are blogging again, I've thrown your link back up - you should see more traffic. I hope that inspires you, because I've been seriously impressed with the work you've done this last year. I'm greedy and want to see more.