Monday, August 23, 2010

Executioners with hag BSB done!

So it's been awile since my last post and Id probably feel bad if I was worried I had some sort of following so no worries for me there!!  Really though, I have been busy with work, school, kids, life blah blah excuse, but I have managed to finish off painting, basing my executioners and my hag BSB.  Its crazy too, ive played 6 games since my last post of the Ork nob bikers, maybe ill post a bat rep or 2, only bad thing is no pic's, ill have to work on that for future battle reports.  Still not sure on accurate report of story type report... and its painting the Hydra next...

But we are what have you done for me lately kind of people and I havent done anything so lets take a look at my killy emo elves!

*edit* its sad too, I think there taking a back seat for a bit while I try new stuff for 1500 point list's...


  1. I like that Hag - good and simple. Anything interestingly Dark Elven on top of the banner pole?

  2. very nice paint on these, especially your work on the blue cloth!

  3. I'm jealous of your painting. I really wish Executioners were better, as they look so kick ass. I think this weekend I'll take good pics of my DE army and post them up on the blog.